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The bun shop owner and basketball buns owner in the Southport area of Newcastle, is not alone.

There are many people who want to see the city be transformed by the bun shop and basketball shop that they both operate.

The owner of the shop, Nick Deans, said they would not have the business if it was not for the money they had to spend.

“It’s a little bit like being a vet, you can’t be in business without your health insurance.”

When you’re out of work you’ve got to take care of your own, you’ve just got to do what you can.””

We have a lot of money coming in, and it’s been really good for the business.

“We just want to stay in business and continue to improve the shop.”

But while Nick believes his business could thrive if the Bun Shop opened its doors, the local community is not so sure.

“I think it’s going to be difficult to sell out for a lot longer, I think it will just be hard to sell it to people,” he said.

“The shops are very popular in the area, they’re all over the place, so it’s just going to take a lot more to get them to open up.”

The Bun Shop in Southport has had to make a lot to survive and Nick said it was about time they were able to do so.

“Our owners have been working really hard for the last five or six years, and they’ve got a very good business plan,” he explained.

“They’re hoping to open a bigger shop in the near future.”

Nick said they had already put down two bids for a property in Newcastle.

“There’s only two locations we can think of, and the other is in Warringah, so we’re hoping for the first one to open soon,” he added.

“Hopefully we can get to that point soon.”

“The community wants the Bun Store to open, and we’re just hoping for that to happen as well.”

So it’s all about the community coming together, coming together to support the businesses and to make sure they can continue to grow.

“The local community, like all of Newcastle’s residents, wants the city to be transformed.

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