Buna boo hue: Weather in Bunbo is looking good

A little rain is falling over Bunbo and temperatures are expected to drop to -8C by Friday afternoon.

“It’s not too hot but I do think you’ll see some cooler nights,” said local resident Linda McCall.

Bunbo, in the Northern Territory, is in the midst of a bushfire season that has been plagued by the worst bushfire conditions in history.

The last major bushfire in Bunba occurred in 2011, with more than 30,000 hectares burned in the region.

Firefighters are still battling the blaze at the foot of the Mt Coot-tha peak, where more than 200 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

There are reports that the bushfire has burned about 70 hectares (2,200 acres) in the town.

However, fires have not spread in Bunra since the fires began in early August, with the last major blaze being a blaze that burned through the town in April.

Tens of thousands of bushfires have been raging across the Northern Territories in recent years, with thousands more set to come in coming months.