How did a teenage girl with dark hair and tattoos become a popular social media star?

A black teenager in Florida is the face of a new trend in social media, and it’s about to be big news.

On Tuesday, Twitter suspended @kristenfitz for posting a tweet that suggested a white woman was trying to get a black woman pregnant by threatening to kill her if she didn’t give birth.

Twitter says that @krisFitz, 19, had a history of harassment, but the company says she was suspended for making a false report about an incident involving a woman she had been in a relationship with.

Fitz’ tweet went viral after she tweeted that she had seen a “white woman on her knees, in the fetal position with her baby in her arms”.

The account has since been suspended, but she has made a splash with her tweets and her new followers.

On Twitter, there is no limit to the number of people who can follow someone, and people can use their accounts to post whatever they want.

But if a Twitter account is suspended for the wrong reason, that can be a serious problem.

Last year, an account belonging to the journalist Glenn Greenwald was suspended after a tweet about a “false flag” attack against the US that had been orchestrated by a Russian intelligence service.

The US government says that the Russian government has been trying to use the social network to launch cyberattacks on American government and industry targets.

But there has been no evidence that Russian agents have used Twitter to do anything malicious.

In August, Twitter blocked @KirstenFitz’s account after she claimed she had received threats from the Russian state.

The account was suspended by Twitter for a week.

In November, Twitter’s head of global public policy, John Whalen, wrote to Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo saying that the company had found a way to help people report abusive accounts.

Twitter had not told the US government what it found and it did not know whether the account was still active, he wrote.

Twitter has also taken action against some of the more disturbing accounts.

In January, the company temporarily suspended the accounts of a Russian troll account that had tweeted about a rape victim, a post which has since become widely shared.

In March, Twitter shut down the account of a man who was behind an anti-Semitic campaign, tweeting that it had found proof that a Jewish family had been killed in Nazi Germany.

But the latest action against @kirstenfits account is unusual.

Twitter’s account has been suspended more than half a dozen times for the same reason.

The suspension is temporary, meaning that @KrisFits account will not be able to access Twitter.

But its supporters are now using it as their own platform.