How Much Buns Are You Eating? According to a new study from Harvard, the answer is probably less than you think.

title Why don’t you eat a lot of bun?

article title How much bun do you eat?

According the study, you can eat a total of 1,854 bun calories per day, but only about 80 bun calories worth of bun calories are necessary to provide your body with enough calories to function normally.

That means you should probably eat about 200 bun calories a day, or one bun for every 5 pounds of body weight.

(The rest of your daily calories should come from fat and protein.)

If you’re really hungry, try out a burger or some sort of fast food, said lead author Dr. Peter A. Miller, a professor of nutrition at Harvard Medical School.

“If you don’t eat bun calories, you’re not going to get enough calories,” he said.

That is why the new study compared people who ate a lot and those who ate little or none of the bun calories with those who consumed only some of the calories.

The study’s results aren’t definitive because it’s not clear how much calories were required to meet the metabolic demands of human beings.

“The amount of calories you need to eat, what you get from the food, what your metabolic demands are are a lot more complex than you might think,” Miller said.

But the researchers think it’s clear from this study that the calories people eat most of the time can be an important factor in determining their overall health.

The study looked at two groups of adults, one who ate bun calories and one who didn’t.

One group ate about 150 bun calories or less a day and the other group ate the equivalent of 500 bun calories.

Then the researchers followed them for six months.

For the adults, the study found that the average daily calorie intake was about 500 bun per day.

For the kids, the average intake was between 300 and 500 bun a day.

For both groups, the researchers found that a higher intake of bun was linked to a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

The research team’s findings are in line with other studies that have linked high levels of sugar in our diets to diabetes, obesity, and some cancers.

Miller says there is a growing body of research showing that bun calories can also help you lose weight.

Bun calories are a healthy snack that comes in a variety of forms, including bread, pancakes, and biscuits.

They are a great way to keep track of your diet and exercise goals.

“They’re really great for a quick snack, but they’re also great for managing your appetite,” Miller told ABC News.

The more calories you consume, the more energy you have for everyday activities like eating and exercising.

For more health information on bun calories:The National Institutes of Health recommends that adults get 30 grams of protein a day in a small amount of food, like a slice of toast or a banana.

Buns are a good source of protein.