How to Bake Bun Mams in a Japanese Kitchen

Bun mam (煮肉) is one of my favorite comfort foods.

You can bake bun mams in the microwave, but if you have a pot of hot water handy, this method is easier.

But don’t be surprised if you don’t have a microwave because this method doesn’t use the steam.

Here are a few ways you can make bun mam in your microwave. 

 If you’re looking for a more traditional bun mame, here’s a recipe that uses a traditional bun masher and a steam cooker. 

For a bit of a twist on this recipe, you can also use your hands to make bun mashers. 

I also love using my rice cooker.

You don’t need to worry about steam or boiling water and you can easily make this in the crockpot. 

You can also cook this in a microwave if you need to, but I’d definitely suggest making it in a pot to avoid scorching your hands. 

And if you’re still wondering if you can boil a bun mama, you may want to check out this recipe. 

What do you think of bun mamas?

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