How to get a hot dog bun in your hot dog bunion, with the right toppings

The Best Hamburger Buns in America have long been a favorite of the foodie, with toppings like pickles, bacon, hot sauce, pickles and onions all included.

Now, though, the hot dog can get the bun treatment in this new infographic, featuring 10 best hamburgers around the country.

The infographic, created by the National Hot Dog Bunion Association (NHBA), shows that a hotdog bun in a hot-dog bun can be made from a variety of different toppings, including pickles (with their own bacon-infused pickle sauce), bacon, pickled jalapenos, pickle relish, onions, and a host of other condiments.

In fact, there’s so much toppings that the infographic even shows what to look for when making a hot dogs bun.

For example, you might expect a hot, spicy, cheese-flavored bun.

But the NHBA suggests adding a spicy pickle or relish and a sprinkle of cinnamon, to make it even more appealing.

And don’t forget the spicy pickles.

“These pickles are a staple in the hot-dogs community, and are the best-tasting in the world,” the NHBAA states.

“A big, hot pepper-like pickle is perfect for dipping the hot dogs.”