How to keep your bath bun on in the dark

It’s no secret that some people love to curl up in their bath towel, and others prefer to have it draped around their necks.

But what about when you’re going to the pub, or in a pub crawl, and want to get some privacy?

The good news is that you can have it on all night, as long as you’re not sitting on it.

Here are the 10 things you need to know.


Your bath bun is a sign of your respectability.

If you want to show respect to your friends or colleagues, you should have it in a position where it can be easily seen.

And if you want some privacy to yourself, it’s best to make sure it’s a comfortable one, too.

It’s also a great idea to keep the bun in a dark corner or away from light fixtures, and put it on your arm, under your pillow or around your neck.

It can also make for a nice little keepsake.


Bath buns can help keep you cool in the cold.

If your bathtub is damp or cold, you can add a layer of bath buns to keep you comfortable.

These can be found in most bath shops or online, or you can buy a bath bun for less than £10, including a water bath, and make sure they’re big enough for the bun you’re buying.

They’ll add a bit of warmth to your tub, and you can wash them and dry them afterwards, too!


Bath bun is perfect for making a splash.

A bath bun can be used for a number of reasons.

For starters, you might be going out to the bar for a pint, or dancing to the music.

And because you’re drinking beer and your bun is hanging out of your bath, it will look great in the reflection of your beer glass, too, as well as in your lap.

Or maybe you just want to have a go at a water slide and want your bun to catch the water.

Or you just might want to make a splash in the shower or bath, rather than waiting for the bath to get cold.

There are also bath bums for children, who might want something to play with while they’re waiting in line to get into the shower.

You can buy them for under £10 online or from a range of shops.

Bathbums can also be used to create a splash for a party, or as a splash pad.


Baths with a tub can be more comfortable.

It all depends on your comfort level, of course, and the bath.

The bath you want the bun to hang on to might not have a tub attached, but you can choose one that has a tub that’s just a bit too big.

And while some shops and cafes do have tubs with buns, the bun is probably too big, so you’ll need to buy one with a bun that’s at least the same size.


You’ll be less likely to get a cold bath if you have a bath towel.

There’s no doubt that a bath is a great place to chill out, but it’s not the best place to get in contact with cold water.

If that’s the case, you need a bath with a towel on it, which will be warmer than a bath that’s cold, and can be hung from the bath tub with a showerhead, or hung up from a lamp post.

There will also be plenty of places to hang your bath towel if you’re feeling particularly warm.


Bath towels can be very expensive.

You might think that a tub with bath buts on it is going to be more expensive, but the reality is that a bun costs about £1, so the bun will only cost you a few pennies a day if you can find one with the bun.

You could even get a bath for £5.


If it’s going to get too cold to sit in a bath, don’t be afraid to hang a bun outside.

You don’t need a bun in the bath, but if you don’t want to wait for the tub to get hot, or if you just need some privacy in your bath with the Bun, you’ll be able to hang it on the side of the bath with no problem.


If a bathtub isn’t big enough, it might be a good idea to buy a large tub.

If the tub is big enough and has bun racks, you won’t be able hang your bun outside without making it a bit uncomfortable, so if you’ve got a large bath, you may want to consider getting a larger tub.


Bathrooms with big mirrors might not be appropriate for a bathyde, so check with your local Bath and Bath-related society before you buy a bun.


Bathyde Bun racks are the way to go if you need extra privacy in the Bath.

Bun racks can be great if you prefer to hang the bun up by itself, or hang it from the side as an