How to make a bun with butter and jam

Posted by The Jerusalem Mail on Thursday, October 07, 2018 13:11:15A bun that’s so delicious you can’t wait to get home is no ordinary bun.

A bun, in this context, is the thick dough that is baked on a griddle and then baked at a specific temperature.

Buns are traditionally made with flour, eggs, milk, butter and sugar, and are then topped with jam, jam-and-jellies, nuts, etc.

The traditional way to make them is by hand.

In a way, the dough is still an open-ended process.

That means it can be used to make all kinds of different breads and even desserts, such as a jalapeño buns.

But how do you get the jam, butter, jam and jellies in your bun?

And how do they all come together?

Here are three simple techniques to make an exceptional bun, using just three ingredients:The recipe is simple enough to follow, but the results are so impressive, you might just want to watch the video below.

This recipe has been modified by The Israel Food Network.

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