Keto buns are a new thing in UK – here’s how to make them

A new keto bun is being sold in UK supermarkets as part of a ‘kitchen trend’ that started in the US.

Here’s how it works.


Bake up a batch of bread: You could have a bag of flour and a bag or two of yeast in the fridge and bake up a dough using a baguette, brioche, or even a bagel, but here’s the trick. 

Take your baguettes and leave them out in the cold. 

Then use a baking tray to get them to rise up and form a dough. 

Once it has risen, transfer the dough into a bowl, then cover the bowl and leave it out for at least a few hours. 

After that, mix your bread dough with a little bit of milk and then pour it into the baking tray. 

The mixture will become a nice thick dough that is then rolled out onto a baking sheet. 

Use a sharp knife to cut out the bun shape and then roll out the dough in the middle of the bun. 

It is best to do this after you’ve baked it up as it helps keep the dough from sticking. 


Bake in a hot oven: When the dough has risen and is rolled out, it is now ready to be used. 

You can either use the bun as a bun, as a flatbread or as a sandwich. 

Using the bun you can use it to make patties, burgers, or sandwiches. 

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