NFL to ban buns on helmets in the NFL season opener

With bun buns already prohibited on helmets at the NFL preseason games, the league says its starting to ban them in the regular season.

The league announced Thursday it will ban bongs, cigars, and pipe tobacco from games beginning Sept. 9.

The ban is temporary and applies to games played in stadiums with more than 50,000 seats.

Bun buns are used to hold hot food and other condiments in place while a player sits on the bench during an NFL preseason game in Philadelphia.

Buns and other products that are covered by the ban include but are not limited to cigarettes, cigarettes containing nicotine, cigars that contain tobacco, pipe tobacco, hookah, tobacco pipes, and hookah accessories.

Bongs and cigars are also banned.

Pipes and tobacco will not be allowed, but some players will be allowed to carry pipes into games.

The NFL says the ban does not apply to players participating in youth football or other sports that are not sanctioned by the league.

The league will offer more details on the ban as the season goes on.

The NFL said in a statement Thursday that players with a health condition, such as a heart condition or asthma, will not need to disclose the ban to a doctor before playing.