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It’s a little like the season of the ponytail.

A few weeks ago, the NBA announced the return of the traditional ponytail for its first game of the season.

This was a huge blow to NBA fans.

Fans are tired of seeing teams sporting the same colors for the entire season.

They want a more diverse roster of players.

They also want a season without any player wearing the same uniform for every game.

The league said on Wednesday that teams will be allowed to wear a ponytail on the court for every single game this season.

It’s only fair.

And it’s only right that the NBA make a splashy announcement to get the public excited about the return.

But this isn’t the time to do it.

The first game this year was a blow for fans.

While the league is trying to bring back the classic color of the rainbow in some form or another, there is a new era of color-coded uniforms for the league.

And with the league trying to revive its brand with a new color scheme, fans have been asking why the league keeps using the same old colors for its uniforms.

For the first time since 1995, the league decided to start letting players wear their own uniforms in games.

They could choose from three different colors, each with a specific color scheme.

But the colors of each player and the players’ team were kept the same.

For fans, it was confusing.

Why was a color that is now part of the uniform worn on the sideline for a team that won a championship last year?

It seemed like every time the league brought back a new uniform, the fans would have a different reason to switch.

This would never work, the majority of fans said.

The answer was simple.

The color scheme was a distraction.

Fans wanted the colors to stay the same, but they were getting frustrated with the same color scheme for so many games.

The NBA is going to bring in some new uniforms this year.

The first is a three-piece design.

The team colors are white, blue and red.

There are also new team-specific colors that are the same as last season.

The teams will wear a blue uniform for the first game in the new uniform.

This will be the first of a few iterations.

The new design will also feature a new look for the “M” logo.

The new uniforms will be unveiled in the next few weeks.