What to know about the new Hawaiian bun

By Kim Ho-jin, Associated Press reporterLAS VEGAS (AP) — You can’t have a Hawaiian bun without a banana.

That’s what Hawaiian bun maker Bamboo Bun Co. has learned, and now you can order one too.

The pineapple-and-bun chain opened up a Hawaiian-themed restaurant on the Las Vegas strip Friday in anticipation of a summer holiday when it hopes to sell millions of Hawaiian buns in restaurants and on-site restaurants.

Bamboo’s menu includes items such as Hawaiian bunt salad, a grilled Hawaiian bun, Hawaiian bun buns and Hawaiian-inspired buns.

For now, the buns are limited to $3.99 for a half-pound (2.4 kilograms) box of six.

They can also be purchased online.

Bamboo’s co-founder, Scott Stinson, said Hawaiian bun flavors have been popular in the U.S. for years, but they weren’t known outside of Hawaii until recently.

He said it was only recently that more people started getting interested in Hawaiian bunts, and he wanted to capitalize on that.

“We wanted to take advantage of the interest in Hawaiian bun and introduce a new flavor to the Hawaiian bun experience,” Stinson said.

The buns came with the same ingredients as those in other Hawaiian-related restaurants.

A portion of each box sold for $2.99, while the entire box cost $6.99.

The price includes a $5.00 service charge for ordering online.

Customers can order a pineapple-flavored Hawaiian bun with pineapple and avocado sauce for $5 for a dozen, or a Hawaiian bunch with pineapple, lemon and a mango salsa for $8.50.

The buns also come with a pineapple bun bun dip, which is a sweet potato-and/or carrot bun served with a homemade bun slider.

For a taste test, the pineapple-banana bun with lemon-lime sauce, pineapple, avocado and lemon sauce cost $8 per bun.