When The Boss’s Wife Fights To Get You Out Of A Job

Posted March 16, 2018 05:30:16When the boss’s wife gets her own little office in the office, she doesn’t have the luxury of time to spend with the other employees.

So, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

The Boss gets the idea and takes her on a “family trip” to visit family and friends in the area.

She then takes a long drive to the grocery store to buy some groceries.

As she is in the checkout line, her husband arrives at the counter with a shopping bag.

She is surprised to see that his son has bought the bag and is waiting for her to get back.

The Boss then takes the bag to the cashier and gives it to him.

“What?” he exclaims.

“You are supposed to wait in line to get this money!”

The boss is shocked and the two get back into the checkout lines.

But the boss does not take her son out of the line.

She says, “I told you not to do that!”

“What did I tell you?” he asks.

He then asks her what she did to get him out of line.

The Boss replies, “You gave me the whole bag.

That’s all you had to do.”

The Boss’s Son responds, “Oh, but you did not.”

The boss responds, and says, I told you that!

She goes on to say, “And I didn’t do anything.”

The husband is upset.

He says, The boss should have just gone to the store and bought him some groceries and let him buy some more groceries!

“I just wanted him to get some food,” the Boss replies.

The husband then asks, “How much food did you buy?”

The Boss answers, “Nothing, not even enough to feed two people.”

“I have a job,” the husband continues.

“I had to work.”

“But you didn’t have to work!” the Boss responds.

“Because you’re a wife.”

“You’re a boss, you’re entitled to get something out of my time.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the husband asks.

The boss replies, I just want my boss to be happy!””

I can’t be the boss and not have my daughter too.”””

What if she’s sick?”

“I can’t be the boss and not have my daughter too.”

“She doesn’t even have to be sick,” the boss continues.

I then ask, “What do you think she needs?”

The husband says, her daughter needs something, she needs her attention, she has to be able to get out of here.

The boss responds by saying, I don’t know if I’m a boss or not, but I know how important it is for her.

The wife responds, I am.

I’m not going to let you have her.

I know she needs something.

“The couple then gets back into line and get a new job at a small grocery store.

The couple asks, You have to have her?””

My daughter has an illness,” she says.

The couple asks, You have to have her?

“The boss answers, no.

Again, she says, You need to be the manager of her illness.”

The Wife then says, What’s the problem?

The Boss replies by saying she can’t help.

The family then gets to work, but this time they are not going anywhere.

They tell their boss about their daughter’s illness and he says, She doesn’t need anything.

“Why do you care?” the boss asks.

“Because I want to be her boss,” the wife replies.

After some time, the family tells the boss, “We can’t let you be her manager anymore.

You’re no longer the boss.””

Well, you didn of course have to pay us that money, but that’s because you had a wife!” the boss says.

The family responds by asking, You’re not paying us?

“Well,” the supervisor says, we are.

The couple then tells the Boss, You are the boss now.