When you’re a bun, it’s ok to eat a few in bun form

LONDON — You’re a low carb bunt.

But you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to have a healthy bun for lunch or dinner?

The answer is, yes.

Here are a few tricks to making your bun lighter, and eating a little more, every day.


Use the right bun for the job.

The key to a healthy, tasty bun is a good bun.

The bun you make may not be the one you want to eat later, but you’re going to have to eat the next one.

So be sure to make a good quality bun for your daily diet, or else you won’t be able to enjoy it at all.2.

Try the whole bun.

Buns are so versatile, and can be used to fill up any type of meal.

Try using the whole buns as a side dish, for example, or adding a sprinkling of vegetables.3.

Find a good supplier.

Find out if a supplier is selling bun types you can use.

Some suppliers will sell a single bun, and others will have a range of different types.4.

Choose a bun that’s high quality.

Baking and baking mixes are great choices for buns.

Some recipes call for bakers to use a whole bun, which is high quality, but this isn’t a recommended technique for the ketogenic diet.

It may not taste as good, but it’s also not as high in calories.5.

Make a batch.

There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering a bag of baked potatoes from the fridge, only to find that they’re too dry.

Instead, try making a batch of the bun to use in the future.

The high quality bun is easier to make and the calories aren’t as high.6.

Add more veggies.

Try adding more veggies to your bun.

Add some kale or cucumber to the bun for extra nutrition, and use fresh herbs like thyme or oregano to spice up your bun with.7.

Add toppings.

Use nuts, seeds, nuts or even nuts and dried fruit to add some flavor to your ketogenic bun.

You can even add an avocado or avocado oil to make your bun more filling.8.

Make it extra nutritious.

A lot of people have tried making their keto bun with dried fruit and dried berries, but these have added extra calories, which can be problematic for keto dieters.9.

Use your bun as a substitute.

There are several keto buns available, and these will make for a great, easy snack.

Just make sure to try them once, and you’ll know which ones are right for you.