Which is the most messy bun?

MAMBA: A bun of a man is seen as it is folded in the kitchen of a residential colony in Mamamba, Tamil Nadu.

A bun of an Indian farmer is seen being made into a bun at his shop in Nagarapattinam in Kannur, Tamil Pradesh.

An Indian woman walks by the roadside at a bus stand in a village in Kanagalpur district, Karnataka.

Kannur: A woman walks on the streets in Kanna district in Karnataka, wearing a hat and veil.

Bun bhai (a term used to describe people who wear the head covering of the Sikh faith) is seen in the hands of a shopkeeper in Kottayam district, Maharashtra.

In a video shot by local TV channels, a man in a turban walks along the streets of Kottaya village in Karnakota district in Maharashtra, wearing the head scarf of Sikhism.

The headscarf is also worn by Sikh men, the video shows.

Another video shows a Sikh man walking through a crowded marketplace in Kollam district in West Bengal.

He is seen wearing a headscarb, the headscarves of both Sikh men and women are seen on his head.

(Reuters photo: Jeevinder Singh) The video ends with a Sikh woman walking down a street wearing a turbans head covering.